About the Book

Simon Grange.


Joomla! 3 The Book For Everyone aims to help you build and maintain your website with the version 3 of CMS Joomla!.
This book will guide you towards discovering and getting familiar with Joomla!, from the creation of your website to putting it online, including its maintenance.

This book is available online for free as well as in an E-book version for 7€.



I would like to thank the following people:

  • Claire, who supported me (and had to put up with me!) while I was writing this book. She is also the one who proofread the book.
  • Flavie, who translated the book into English.
  • Christian Bardin (greendogweb.com), who design the cover.
  • And all the people who helped and supported me, from near or far, and gave me advice and information.



Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome, feel free to give your opinion in the articles comment boxes at the bottom of each chapter. If you think that a chapter needs to be deepened or detailed, please do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment.
If you have questions regarding Joomla! itself, please do not use these articles comment boxes (they are not convenient for support), but register on the website instead (registration is free) and use the forum. Thanks!;)



About the author

My name is Simon Grange, I'm 30 and I live in Grenoble, France.
I've been using Joomla! since 2009 (version 1.5).

Today, my job is to develop professional websites, to maintain them, to optimize them, to improve their ranking, etc.

Providing professional users with advice on their projects, guiding them towards the best choices for their web presence is also an important part of my job.

I'm also a trainer, I'm delivering training sessions on Joomla! and its extensions to beginners and advanced users.

I also speak at conferences, such as the JoomlaDays, about different Joomla!-related topics that I especially enjoy, like the ACL system, or site optimization and ranking.

I'm a member of the French Joomla User Association (AFUJ) and I also participate in some support forums:

Joomla.org: username Aidan38 (people often ask me why “Aidan”? Well, this name comes from Ireland, where I've lived for 4 years).

Joomla.fr: username SimonG.

I've written this book to allow both beginners and advanced users to discover the CMS or to increase their knowledge in order to build and maintain high quality Joomla! websites.

You can also find me on Twitter and on Google+.

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This book will be regularly updated following:

  • Each Joomla! update which includes new features.
  • The release of a new Minor version.
  • The publication of a new chapter, for example when a new Joomla! feature has been added.



The latest version of the book is the Version 4 which was released on April 28, 2014.