Joomla! Post-installation Messages component

Simon Grange.


This component allows you to read the important messages that you receive after installing (third-party extensions) or after updating (third-party extensions and Joomla! itself). To access this component, select Components (1) → Post-installation Messages (2).

Joomla! component post-installation messages
Component Post-installation Messages

Once you've opened the component, you will see a panel displaying the admin messages (1) as well as information about the latest release of Joomla! (2):

Post-installation message

Component Post-installation Messages with notifications

On this screenshot, you can see that Joomla! announces the addition of a new feature to the CMS since the version 3.2.0: the Two Factor Authentication feature.
The feature's details are introduced here and you can even enable it by following the instructions.

Once you've read the messages, you can hide them by clicking on 3. You will then see the following page:

No messages on post-installation messagesComponent Post-installation Messages without notifications

When you access the admin control panel, you also get a message telling you that you have unread messages:

Post-installation messages on control panel

Component Post-installation Messages on administration control panel