Joomla! Redirect component

Simon Grange.

The Redirect component is a very useful feature of Joomla!. This component lists the 404 error pages on your website so that you can redirect your visitors landing on these error pages to new locations of content.

For example, after a partial site restructure, if all the existing URLs are not properly modified, they will lead to 404 error pages.

The search engines that have previously indexed your website, or other sites pointing towards your articles, will now lead to 404 error pages.

Not only will your visitor be unable to access your content but this will harm your website's ranking.

This component also allows you to create custom redirects.


How do redirects work? 

Every time a 404 error page is displayed on your website, Joomla! creates a new redirect. All you have to do is edit this redirect, enter a new URL and eventually enable this redirect.

To access the Redirect component, select Components (1) → Redirect (2).

Joomla! redirect component

Redirect Component

You'll be taken to the following page:

 Joomla! redirect manager

Redirect Component

1 - Here you can see all your redirects. When Joomla! lists a new error page, it creates a redirect, which is disabled by default. You can find the old URL, the new URL (to which the visitors are redirected), the referring page (the page on which the visitors were before landing on the error page), the created date and the ID.

2 - The toolbar allows you to create, enable, disable, edit your redirects, move them to Trash, etc.

3 - Filters allowing you to search for a specific redirect.

4 - This notification gives you information about the status of the Redirect plugin. This plugin, which is enabled by default, must be enabled to make the component redirect work properly.

To enable a redirect listed by Joomla!, you first need to edit it, then you will be taken to this page:

New redirect

 Edit a Redirect

1 - The source URL of the error page.

2 - Enter the URL of the page to which you want to redirect.

3 - Don't forget to enable your redirect.

Then click the Save & Close button.

Your redirect is now active, the visitors who access the old URL (the one leading to an error page) are now redirected to the new page, without even noticing.


The error page

Let's take advantage of this chapter to broach the subject of the error page. In its previous versions, Joomla! only had a simple error page by default, whereas now you can display a custom page with several items:

Joomla! error page

1 - The site's logo, so your visitors know they are still on your website and not lost.

2 - The site's main menu allowing your visitors to go to other pages.

3 - A search module enabling your visitors to search for the article that they haven't found.

4 - A button redirecting to your site's home page.