Joomla! Tags component

Simon Grange.


Since the version 3.1, Joomla! has brought a new component offering a major feature: the tagging system.
This system allows you to relate your articles to several Tags, then to display these articles (which belong to different categories) on the same page: the Tag's page.
But that's not all, this system enables you to display by Tags any type of content.
Therefore, you'll be able to display on the same page: the articles, the weblinks (from the Weblinks component), the contacts (from the Contacts component), the newsfeeds (from the Newsfeeds component), or any other type of content coming from a third-party extension and integrating this tagging system.
This is similar to a multiple categories sorting of your articles (a functionality that is very much in demand among Joomla! users).

As with the categories, you can have an infinite number of nested Tags.

How does the tagging system work?

With a new installation of Joomla! (with no third-party extensions), you can add Tags to the following items:

  • Articles
  • Articles Categories
  • Contacts
  • Contacts Categories
  • Newsfeeds
  • Newsfeeds Categories
  • Weblinks
  • Weblinks Categories

You will create your Tags in the Tags component and then you'll be able to add Tags to your items (e.g. categories, articles, contacts,…).

To access the Tags component, select Components (1) → Tags (2).

Joomla! Tag component

Tags Component

You'll be taken to the following page:

Tags manager

Tag Manager

1 - List of all your Tags (here you can see some example tags).

2 - Filter to search for a specific Tag. As is the case in every manager, when sorting by ordering (a), you can sort your Tags by dragging/dropping.

3 - This toolbar allows you to create, edit, publish your Tags, move them to Trash, etc.


How to add new Tags?

To add a new Tag, just click the New button. You'll be taken to the following page:

New Tag

New Tag

1 - Enter a name for your Tag.

2 - Enter your Tag's description. This description will be visible when, for example, a list of Tags will be displayed in Frontend.

3 - You can configure the publishing options such as the Tag's alias (if you don't enter an alias, Joomla! will do it for you).

4 - Customize the parameters, the type of layout for example.

5 - You can add an image to your Tag.

6 - You can select a parent item for this Tag, configure its status, its access and its language.

Once everything is configured properly, you can hit the Save & Close button.

You've just created a new Tag. Now, let's see how to add Tags to your content. Let's pretend that you've created a Tag called “Joomla!”, you will therefore want to tag all your items related to the word “Joomla!” with this Tag. You will be able to tag your articles, your articles categories, your weblinks, your weblinks categories, etc.


How to add a Tag to an article?

To add a tag to an article, go to the article manager, edit the article of your choosing and select the tag you want to add to this article ("Joomla!", in this example) (1). You can of course choose several Tags:

Tag in article

Add aTag to an article

Then you can save and close the article. It is as simple as this!

How to add a Tag to a weblink?

Adding a tag to your components' items (like Weblinks, Contacts or Newsfeeds) is a very easy process. As an example (Weblink), go to ComponentsWeblinks, then edit the weblink of your choosing and select Joomla! as a Tag (1). It's of course possible to select multiple Tags:

Tag in weblink

Add a Tag to a weblink

Then you can save and close the weblink.

How to display Tags on your site or how to display contents based on their Tag(s)?

Joomla! allows you to display lists of Tags as well as a page gathering all the items associated with the same tag(s).



If you've added Tags to your items, to your articles for example, the Tags will appear when the articles will be displayed:

Tag in Joomla article

Tag showing on a Joomla! article

It's of course possible to customize this display, like any other parameter, in the item's own parameters, in the main options (manageroptions button) or in the menu item displaying this item (if the item is displayed via a menu item).


Display Tags via a menu item

With the version 3.1, Joomla! brings 3 new menu items:

  • Tagged Items: it displays a list of the tagged items.
  • Compact List of Tagged Items: it allows you to display a compact list of the tagged items.
  • List of All Tags: this displays the list of all your site's tags, or a list of all the child tags of a specific tag.


As an example, we will publish a “Tagged Items” page. To do so, select MenusYour menu, then click the New button. Hit the Select button in the Menu item Type field, then click Tags and finally click Tagged Items. You'll see this page:

Tag menu item

Tags Menu Item

1 - Select the Tag(s) whose items you want to display.

2 - Here, you can filter the items to be displayed. You can for example choose to show only the articles, the categories and the contacts that have the selected Tag(s).

3 - You can choose to display items from one language or from all languages.

4 - As for all menu item, you have to enter a name.

5 - In the advanced parameters, you can customize the displaying options such as showing or not the Tag's name, its image, its description...


When you've configured everything as you want, click the Save & Close button.


Display Tags via a module

The version 3.1 of Joomla! also brings a new module: Popular Tags. This module simply allows you to display a list of the most popular Tags.