Your ecommerce site is ready. You have configured the software, added your products, taken your photos, written your descriptions and setup your payment gateway. But if you are delivering physical goods have you really taken care to ensure that you are collecting the correct addresses.


Search Engine Optimization and e-commerce are constantly evolving topics. Often too busy with the day to day tasks of running our businesses or activities, it's easy to overlook new trends or requirements, or conversely sometimes focus too much on the latest and greatest, while forgetting that the basics are still there and for good reasons.

With this in mind, we are going to briefly go through what may be considered today the most important things to do when it comes to gathering traffic to your e-commerce site through SEO. How to implement will vary depending on the particular e-commerce, template and SEO extensions you use, but should be fairly easy on most cases.


The payment, last step of the checkout, the one that concludes the purchase is an essential step of the customer experience.
The cart abandonment rate is around 68.53% (source: Baymard Institute, Institute of English independent studies). It means that 7 out of 10 users do not finalize their purchase. Reasons for this abandonment? In 59% of the cases, they concern the payment methods proposed and in 22% of cases, the reasons concern data security.

How to give confidence and not lose these precious customers at this step of the checkout.


In a physical store, transition to e-commerce is not an easy thing. With the price displayed online and in stores, the website has to merge with the different strengths of sales points: proximity, availability, advice and after-sales service. Choose Joomla is not more difficult than choosing the right tool for your needs.

Joomla! bricks-and-mortar

The real dream of online sellers is that one visit results in a conversion! Unless you sell chickens that lay golden eggs, don’t fool yourself, it’s mission impossible. The numbers speak for themselves, the average cart abandonment rate is somewhere between 70% and 80%.*

So of course, we have to ask ourselves why: is my product too expensive? Are the payment methods matching my customers’ expectations? Are the delivery method as well? Many other factors can affect the customer. But today, we have decided to not speak about the “why” but focus on the “how” to catch these abandon-ists - those who leave the boat too quickly!

The best way to achieve this is to set up automatic reminder emails. Indeed, there’s nothing better to convince your visitors to come back on your website to achieve a purchase and as a result improve your conversion rate.


Improving the user experience on your site is not only about reducing the number of clics. It’s much more than that. A polished user interface will help you transform your standard website into a high performing platform. Make it easy for your customers, you’ll get a return. A good user interface will be intuitive, efficient and effective. You’ll maximze your chances to reach your ecommerce objectives.


BreezingCommerce is an open source next generation shopping cart tailored for the needs of Joomla! shop owners. It offers a very easy-to-use administration interface and a straightforward shopping experience, including best practices that help in increasing conversion rates. In fact, if you know how to use Joomla!, you know how to use BreezingCommerce while buyers experience on- the-point-shopping with as much distracting features as possible. BreezingCommerce is very open to enhancements in the form of regular Joomla! extensions like plugins and modules but also offers an easy-to-access plugin system for rapid plugin development across all aspects of the shopping cart (e.g. payment gateways, shipping and a lot more).


Are you looking for a Hotel booking engine that is fully integrated with your Joomla website? There are various solutions in Joomla to help hoteliers collect direct bookings from their own websites by-passing the OTAs with their related commissions.

Converting some OTA bookings into direct bookings from your website can help hoteliers save a lot of money on commissions per year. However, OTAs play an essential role in the accommodation business nowadays, and having just a booking engine without a channel manager cannot suffice in the long run.


In this article, we’ll discover how HikaShop is architectured but also how, simply, you can adapt it to your business ideas.
The best way to illustrate this will be to present you with some examples of website created by our customers as a walk-through of the almost infinite possibilities HikaShop offers.


E-commerce solutions are in great demand based on the fact that more and more companies and individuals focus their efforts on building an online presence for selling their products.


After many years of experience in building full-featured websites with Joomla! + SEBLOD Application Builder, we are about to introduce SEBLOD eCommerce, our powerful e-commerce Solution for SEBLOD. It will bring all required features to create complex online stores & marketplaces, with a unique flexibility!


Virtuemart is a free opensource Joomla! component For online store management.
Its seniority is its strength: an important community at the international level will always enable us to count on a advice or a support, and most third-party extensions take in charge virtuemart items (sliders, newsletters etc )

I invite you to build together a "small" shop in no time!











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