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Today, e-commerce occupies an ever more important place in our lives. In 10 years, consumers habits have changed dramatically. This market has grown and adapted to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and varied consumers.

And that is not the end of it. This is an environment that is constantly changing to renew and meet the expectations of users. Every day, many online shops are created around the world, whether to sell ready to wear, tickets for shows, or takeaway food, and whether they are 100% online shops or traders with bricks and mortar shops but who wish to augment their sales via the web.

The sector is booming and it is in this context that Cinnk Magazine has decided to offer you a special issue on the subject, to help you see more clearly, the multitude of solutions and available options.

You will find 8 e-commerce extensions for Joomla! in a special folder, presented by their developers or by members of their community. Whether you are a user of Joomla! or anyone else’s e-commerce solution, you will nd expert advice on topics such as SEO, security, user experience, and solutions for payments.


cinnk-magazine-ecommerce-joomla-sommaire- Infographie
Joomla! & extensions the solution to create your e-commerce website

- Brian Teeman
What's your address?

- Yannick Gaultier
SEO and e-commerce, why? How?

- Cyril Thibout
Hybride e-commerce solution with Joomla! + CCK

- Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Sensible security for e-commerce sites

- Valerie Isaksen
Online payments

cinnk-magazine-ecommerce-joomla-page-interne- Yann Gomiero
Solution for Bricks and Mortar sales

- Sylvain Laffont
(Finally) put all our eggs in one basket!

- Pierre Arnou
User interface and user path : Best practices for e-commerce web sites

- Special report
e-commerce extensions for Joomla!

- Jerome Glatigny
How to create your ticket office using Joomla!

- Markus Bopp
BreezingCommerce, an easy-to-use Joomla! Shopping Cart

cinnk-magazine-joomla-ecommerce- Alessio Gaggii
Hotel Booking Engine & Channel Manager

- Nicolas Claverie
On the flexibility of HikaShop

- Seblod
Meet Seblod e-commerce by Octopoos

- Jane Tran & TJ Baker
What is redSHOP?

- Serge Billon
Create our site for free with Virtuemart

- Ramesh Elamathi
Why choose J2Store for building your online store?

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